We Need to do More for Kansas Kids!

Kansas’ historically-long legislative session has come to a close, and I’m sorry to report that lawmakers missed a huge opportunity to stand up for kids.

The Legislature approved only a $0.50 cigarette tax increase, far short of what’s needed. Big Tobacco can easily counter such a low tax with discount promotions. And our total state cigarette tax remains well below the national average. SUTU

With the support of more than two-thirds of Kansans, we fought hard to raise the tax by $1.50. With that amount, Kansas could have done much more to drive down youth smoking, save lives and cut health care costs.

Tobacco Free Wichita Coalition is disappointed in the Legislature’s failure to take full advantage of this opportunity to improve public health in Kansas.

If you’re as disappointed as we are, you can send a letter to your legislators by clicking here.

Thanks for all of your support during this phase of the fight to implement sensible tobacco taxes in Kansas. We’ll get there together.

Originally posted by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.TFK

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