Tobacco Free Campuses


For more information on WSU’s tobacco free policy, click HERE.

On July 1, 2017, Wichita State University will join over 1,400 colleges and universities nationwide in adopting a tobacco free campus policy. TFW and local tobacco control experts have helped make the students’ dream of a tobacco free campus a reality through hard work, dedication, and strong collaboration across the campus and community.

Watch a congratulatory video from WSU President John Bardo HERE.

Approximately 18.9 percent of young adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18-24 smoke. Progression from occasional to daily smoking frequently occurs during the first years following high school. And almost no one starts smoking after age 25. College and university campuses offer a unique opportunity to promote an environment that supports healthy living and positive lifestyle choices. These policies not only support the many people on college campuses who are trying to quit but also stop young adults from starting.

Many colleges and universities around the country are adopting new policies that reflect their longstanding commitments to student health by strengthening and protecting their communities against tobacco addiction. There are now at least 1,372 100% smokefree campuses. Of these, 938 are 100% tobacco-free, and 176 prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere on campus.

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