Tips for Writing Your Policy Makers – Part Two

The following is an excerpt from the American Public Health Association website:

In addition to the previous article, there are important points to remember regarding the substance of your letter.

  • State your purpose for writing at the outset.
  • Correctly identify the legislation. If you are writing about a specific bill, remember to describe it by its official title and number, as well as by its popular name.
  • Tell your legislator how the issue would affect you and the rest of his/her constituents. Your own personal experience and district specific information are the best supporting evidence.
  • Be sure that your facts and assertions are accurate. Often legislators use constituent mail to make points during speeches or debates and to convince fellow legislators of their position.
  • Ask your policymaker for his/her position on the issue. Indicate that you look forward to hearing from him/her on the issue.

Example Address to Your Senator:                                    

The Honorable______________

 United States Senate

Washington DC 20510                                        

Dear Senator ______________    

**Prior to sending any correspondence to a legislator under the name of TFW, please submit the letter to the coalition for review at with the email header “Important Legislation”.

  American Public Health Association • 800 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001 •

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