ACTION ALERT! Attempts to Weaken FDA’s Final Ruling on Electronic Cigarettes and Cigars

May 13, 2016 – Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Action Alert

Last week, the FDA finally issued rules to protect kids from e-cigarettes and cigars. But some in Congress are trying to Congress FDAundercut the new rules before they even take effect!

The House Appropriations Committee has approved an FDA funding bill with amendments that would prevent the FDA from conducting health and safety reviews of existing e-cigarettes – and exempt many cigars from the rules altogether!

Now, the Senate Appropriations Committee must decide whether to include the same damaging language in its version of the bill.

Your senator sits on that committee and will be key in determining the outcome.

Tell your senator to reject any attempts to weaken the new FDA rules protecting kids from e-cigarettes and cigars.

The need for strong oversight of these products couldn’t be clearer or more urgent. The most recent government survey found that youth use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed: Three million U.S. kids used them last year. And cigars are now more popular than cigarettes among high school boys.

Yet somehow, many members of Congress still want to protect the tobacco industry instead of kids. They’ve already gotten too far in the House. It’s critical that we stop them in the Senate.

Make sure your senator knows you support strong oversight of e-cigarettes and cigars.

Again, the Senate Appropriations Committee will make this decision. Your senator is one of only 30 who sit on that committee. That’s why your voice is so important right now. Please don’t hesitate to send a message today.


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