Time to Quit Thursday

Quitting works best when you’re prepared. Before you quit, START by taking these five important steps:

S = Set a quit date.

T = Tell family, friends, and coworkers that you plan to quit.

A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you’ll face while quitting.

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, and work.

T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit. Call 1-800-Quit-NOW or go to KSquit.org


Here’s Advice from EX-smokers on What Day Worked Best for Them:

Don’t pick tomorrow as your quit date.

You need time to re-learn life without cigarettes and prepare yourself (EX will help you do it). So make it easier by giving yourself enough time to get ready.

Don’t set your date too far off in the future.

That may give you too much time to start second-guessing your decision, and you may end up changing your mind. We recommend a day that’s about 2-4 weeks away.

Pick a day that doesn’t have built-in problems.

Some people pick a special day like a birthday or anniversary. That’s great, but keep in mind that for some people, celebrations can be a smoking trigger. Also, quitting on a vacation may sound low-stress, but it can make things that much harder when you get back to the real world. In general, we recommend quitting during a time that resembles your regular life.

If you want to see what the rest of your life without tobacco would look like, consider calling a Quit Coach® today. They can help you make a detailed plan to make the Great American Smokeout® the first of many days without tobacco.


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