Great American SmokeOut – November 15, 2012

The Great American Smokeout is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and held annually on the third Thursday of November. This event has helped  change Americans’ attitudes about smoking, which have led to community programs and smoke-free laws that are now saving lives in many states.

This year, TFW would like to ask “What can you do for The Great American Smokeout?” Young or old, there are many activities for people to get involved in to help promote smoking cessation and encourage people to quit, not for just this one day, but forever.

Here are some sample activities and resources:

For Schools:

  • Poster contests focusing on staying tobacco free
  • Social math displays (an example is seen at the right)

    Social Math Display at East High School – GASO 2011

For Churches:

  • Health-focused messages during sermons
  • Cessation information on church bulletins

For Worksites:

  • Include cessation benefits covered by insurance in a company newsletter
  • Desktop helpers such as a Countdown Clock that sends daily tips right to your computer desktop or the Craving Stopper Memory Match game that provides a short distraction to help relieve the urge to have a cigarette. Both of these tools are available for download HERE

For more ideas about the Great American SmokeOut, visit: the American Cancer Society WEBSITE 

For help with smoking cessation visit the Kansas Tobacco Quitline WEBSITE

or call at



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